Thermo Spa

Thermo Spa-Dry Floatation Bed

Which lets you float on the water without getting wet.The persons lays on the bed laid on a foil. The tub then lifts itself to let the person feel the floating effect of water. One can also use varied range of cosmetic and therapeutic al age, hay, and chalk.

Thermo-Spa - Concerto Part-no.: AW7600

Treatment system for softpacktherapy, full body packs in the physical therapy as well as in the cosmetic field with the option to enlarge the system through the well-feeling module Concerto with body-sonic and acousticwavemassage.
An emergency call system can be connected to the on-site installation.

Tub fittings :

Tub body and cladding made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. Choice of colour according to colour chart, special colors on inquiry, base white. The whole unit is moveable with sloping head support. Electromechanical height adjustment without using an air compressor. The couch is always at the same height, the tub moves upwards and the warm water under the foil covers the user’s body. The two-part-covering covers the user.

All functions can be selected menu-driven through a touch screen. The functions are displayed through symbols.

Tech. data:

  • Length: 2440 mm
  • Width: 1087 mm
  • Sit-over height: 610 mm
  • Height in upper position: 950 mm
  • Weight without water: 230 Kg
  • Electrical connection: 230V, 50Hz, 2500W

Well-feeling-module Concerto part-no.: ZW7610

For body-sonic and acousticwavemassage, connection to on-site audio-system. The tub is the speaker, the appliance has no loudspeakers. The played music can be felt and heard. The water transfers the vibrations over the foil to the user‘s body in unexpected intensity.

On-site connections:

Wall socket 230V, 50Hz, 2500W. Fused with 15A. Connection through wall or floor socket.
For filling a cold water connection 1/2" (drinking water) close to the unit is necessary.
For draining an emptying or a possibility to outdoor near the unit is necessary.
With option well-feeling-module Concerto Microphone cable 2-wires, shielded to the head-phone jack of the on-site audio-system for the well feeling system. Wall or floor connection.
Emergency call device 2 wire cable to the on-site emergency call system.

On site safety measures:
  • System weight 580 Kg (350 liter water of it) shared on 2m².
  • If the room humidity is more than 70%, a room dismoisture system must be intended.
  • Not suitable for aggressive air conditions (for example: salt- sulphur- chlorinated air).
  • Minimum door width for carrying in: 60 cm.
  • Minimum recess width: 250 cm.
  • Load per surface: 340 Kg/m² .